Calendar Event Details:

Event: Fall Sports Picture Day
Date(s): 08/05/2019
All Athletes should report to the lunchroom.

8:00 - Senior Moms & Players Group shots
Senior Football Players
Senior Athlete Group - football, softball, cross country & cheer
Varsity Cross Country Team
8:30 - Varsity Football Team
Varsity Football Team w/Coaches
Varsity Football Team w/Coaches & Cheer
Class Break Outs groups
Varsity Cheerleaders - a couple of different poses/stunts, etc.

9:30 MS Football Team
MS Cheer - 1-stunt picture plus one other
10:00 Jr. Pro Cheer - a couple
Jr. Pro Football Team
10:30 Varsity Softball Team-on softball field
MS Softball Team -- on softball field
Inside: (lunchroom)
8:00 - V. Football Coaches --- Individuals, with Family, a coaches group
V Football Individuals and Ads
(includes water girls)
*** Senior Players Individuals -- as soon as can after team picture get individuals ***
Varsity Cross Country & Coach
8:45 - Varsity Cheerleaders (3 poses) -- a couple of groups - Class Breakouts if didn't outside & Coaches
9:15 - MS Cheerleader Individuals & Coaches
MS Football Individuals & Coaches
9:45 Jr. Pro Cheer individuals & Coaches
Jr. Pro Football individuals & Coaches
10:00 Varsity Softball Individuals & Coaches
MS Softball Individuals & Coaches

Advertisers are asked to report to the school (with everyone for photo) within this time frame and get "worked in."

FYI: All Coaches need to have an individual made inside.

Ads will be shot inside with other pictures unless a large group more than 5 people
Location: 200
Time: 8:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Phone: 706-554-4479